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On Saturday July 1st at Webster Hall, NYC based Metal band FEAR IS DEAD (FID) previewed their 4th and latest EP "What Remains." Only 100 CD copies of the project were made available and it premiered exclusively on Heavy New York's website for the month of July. It became available to the public on CD Baby the first week of August and is now available on all other popular platforms.


"Fear is Dead continues to combine what people would love about rap, metal and hardcore with its intense subject matter, fierce music and performances"

- Heavy New York


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In today's overcrowded Metal scene it's tough for a band to rise up and stand out, that's what Fear Is Dead is doing.

Racking up large numbers of awe inspiring live performances, Fear is Dead has garnered the acclaim of many of New York’s underground, bringing fans from the Metal scene, and Hardcore / Punk scene together. Melting faces from BK's Knitting Factory to LES Mercury Lounge, most recently packing out Brooklyn's new Metal haven Lucky 13 Saloon. Their unique sound and intense energy some would say is reminiscent of early Machine head and Korn.


In the beginning of 2016 Fear Is Dead released it's 3rd EP, "Eleutherophobia EP  (2016)", energy wise a more aggressive project, that reflected the times socially, and politically. "Pretty Ugly (2016)" and "Miranda (2016)" quickly became underground favorites.


In mid 2017 the band released their 4th EP titled  "What Remains EP (2017). This project was musically more experimental and creative, lyrically from a darker, more personal place.


The band's 5th EP "Omnicidal" is expected to be released late July 2018, followed but the "Omnicidal West Coast Tour Aug 5th thru the 18th.


Their music, videos, and art work all embody what Fear Is Dead is about: evolving musically and artistically.


Their music, videos, art work all embody what Fear Is Dead is about. Evolving musically, artistically, exorcising demons and losing yourself to find yourself, even for a moment.

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Link to FEAR IS DEAD website below

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"the raw brutality of hardcore music, the coarse edge of nu-metal, and the fresh experimentation of a minimalistic band that sought to deconstruct rather than copy"


- Everynight Charley's Manhattan Beat